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Since 1894 Navigation: A Legacy of Excellence

Means tireless engineering and over 100 years of experience in earth-science, forestry, S&R and off-trail navigation. It means having a piece of technology that’s over a century old, but is still the top instrument in its class. It means commitment so iron clad, that being the best will never be enough.

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In 1894, D.W. BRUNTON, a Canadian-born geologist and mining engineer, commissioned a skilled watch repairman out of Denver, Colorado to manufacture his invention—the Pocket Transit Compass. The precision instrument became world-famous and freed outdoorsmen of the bulky equipment of that time.

Often simply called a “Brunton”, the Brunton Transit compass remains the Gold Standard in areas from Geology to Forestry, Engineering and by other professionals who demand functionality, craftsmanship and durability.


The Gold Standard in Compasses & Transits, Made In The USA

For over 125 years, our precision-made compasses and pocket instruments have guided explorers across the globe. Through tireless commitment and unrivalled craftsmanship, we continue to build navigational tools that set the gold standard.


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Our precision-made pocket transits have been guiding geologists for over a century. By listening to the needs of industry professionals, we’ve developed a range of instruments with the accuracy and reliability you need to do your best work.


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For over a century, our compasses have guided people across the globe. From professional instruments to simple mapping tools, we build precise, robust and reliable compasses for every type of explorer.

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Brunton’s handheld Atmospheric Data Centers (ADCs) provide reliable information about the world around you. Accurately plot temperature ranges, wind speeds, current weather conditions and upcoming forecasts.

As a professional working in remote environments, you need tools you can rely on. Whether you’re mapping, sampling, training or traversing, our precision-made compasses and pocket instruments are built to help you perform at your best.