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Municipal Reporter System

Complete hosted solution for effective management of municipal issues

The Trimble® Municipal Reporter™ system is a complete and easy-to-deploy electronic replacement for the traditional paper-based forms and checklists in use by many municipalities today. Deployed on Trimble's field-proven GNSS handhelds—the Trimble Juno® or Nomad® G series—the Municipal Reporter system allows field workers to accurately and efficiently document issues and receive tasks to resolve them.


When issue management becomes an issue...

Municipalities are accountable to their citizens to provide dependable, well maintained infrastructure and services.

City officials are tasked with identifying, managing, resolving and documenting issues—from potholes to broken streetlights, graffiti to pest infestation, to illegal dumping of refuse on city streets.

The Trimble Municipal Reporter system is a simple and effective solution for the management of municipal issues, providing both field and office components for accurate recording and tracking of issues. Municipal Reporter increases productivity and improves worker safety, and complete record of issue information for analysis and decision making.

To discuss what the Municipal Reporter system can do for your municipality, contact your local Trimble reseller.

Scalable, low cost, and easy to deploy issue management system

As a hosted and wireless solution, the Municipal Reporter system requires no IT infrastructure, is scalable to easily manage field workforces from small to midsize municipalities, and offers a low-cost and low-risk way to record important information and to resolve issues faster. The field software's intuitive user interface and simple issue management workflows mean that the system is easy to use with minimal training.

Improved customer satisfaction from faster response

The Municipal Reporter system provides a real-time view of field workers locations so that the closest field worker with the right skills and equipment can be deployed to deal with a specific issue. This adds up to faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Increased worker productivity, accountability, and worker safety

Issues sent wirelessly from the field are managed in the office with the Municipal Reporter Web service, where field workers can be tracked, assigned tasks or located in case of an emergency. Real-time update of worker locations and issues enables an instant view—in the Municipal Reporter web service or via automatic export to a GIS—of field workers and issue status for faster decision making.

Complete and consistent data capture on reported issues

The Municipal Reporter system provides an accurate and consistent record of issues, allowing city officials to generate reports and statistics on the number and types of issues reported. Issue information can be exported as a spreadsheet for analysis or exported automatically as a shapefile to an existing GIS database where it can be viewed in real time alongside other asset data and maps.

Data record for analysis and compliance

Captured information can be analyzed to visualize trends and identify opportunities for further improvements in responsiveness and efficiency. With the handheld's integrated GNSS and camera, location data and digital photographs can be embedded in the issue record, confirming exactly what field workers saw in the field before and after resolution, providing indisputable evidence for compliance reports or liability defense.

Turn-by-turn navigation support for optimum route planning

CoPilot Live Professional satellite navigation support provides turn-by-turn directions, enabling field workers to navigate to the task or issue using the optimum route—without the need to re-enter location details or to purchase a separate navigation device.

Spanish language support

The full Trimble Municipal Reporter system is also available in Latin American Spanish.

Trimble offers online resources and a professional support network that spans the globe. Resources range from online documentation to detailed trouble shooting information and details on obtaining further assistance.
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