GIS / Telecom / WAN survey

ASIM has strategic partnerships with most leading OEM's and offers various network integration services including network design and consultancy, implementation and end-to-end management. ASIM provides high-end solutions from leading vendors including Motorola Solutions, Cisco systems, Cambium network (formally Motorola), Microtik, Ubiquiti, Radmax, D-Link, among others.

GIS / Telecom / WAN Survey

ASIM provides the services for the GPS based survey for various applications like GIS, Telecom, Point to point and point to multipoint wireless connectivity from more than a decade now.


Our advanced GPS based survey which is utilised for various applications like GIS, telecom and to the point wireless connectivity makes Asim a sensible choice.

  • Land surveys: Preliminary surveys based on 1-15 meters accuracy after short listing Precise survey with sub meter and millimeter level accuracy.
  • Various applications like, mine detections, well digging, water pump / hand pump locations, telecom tower locations, etc.
  • Survey for Line of sight (LOS) / Non Line of sight (Non-LOS) for voice, data and fax.
  • Integrations of IPBAX, IP Cameras, Analog cameras, conferencing etc.